Menstrual Hygiene
Ramadhan Fundraiser: Empowering Girls Through Menstrual Hygiene

Ramadhan Fundraiser: Empowering Girls Through Menstrual Hygiene

Ramadhan, a month of giving and compassion, is upon us. As we reflect on our blessings, let’s turn our attention to an often-overlooked issue – menstrual hygiene. This year, our Ramadhan fundraiser is dedicated to improving menstrual hygiene for girls in low-income rural areas who cannot afford these basic needs of life.

The Importance of Menstrual Hygiene

Menstrual hygiene is a critical aspect of health and dignity for women and girls worldwide. However, in many rural areas, access to sanitary products is limited, leading to health risks and social stigma. By contributing to our fundraiser, you’re not just providing sanitary towels; you’re promoting safe and hygienic practices that empower girls to manage their periods with confidence.

Our initiative aligns with the broader goal of promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR). By ensuring access to menstrual hygiene products, we’re taking a step towards guaranteeing the right to health, education, and dignity for all girls. Your contribution helps us advocate for these rights and break down barriers to menstrual hygiene.

Impact on Low-Income Communities

The lack of affordable sanitary products disproportionately affects girls in low-income rural areas. The cost of sanitary towels can be a significant burden, often leading to absenteeism from school during menstruation. By providing these essentials, we can help keep girls in school, contributing to their education and future opportunities.

How Your Contribution Helps

Every donation made to our Ramadhan fundraiser goes directly towards purchasing and distributing sanitary towels, a pair of knickers, and a bar of washing soap. With your help, we can reach more girls, providing them with the resources they need to manage their periods safely and with dignity.

This Ramadhan, let’s come together to make a difference. Your contribution, no matter how small, can bring about significant change in the lives of girls in rural areas. Together, we can ensure that every girl has access to the menstrual hygiene products she needs.