A Day of Advocacy against Gender-Based Violence and Female Genital Mutilation

A Day of Advocacy against Gender-Based Violence and Female Genital Mutilation

The serene campus of Kwosir Seed Secondary School in Kween district buzzed with energy and purpose. Students, teachers, and community members gathered for an impactful event— a day of advocacy against Gender-Based Violence and Female Genital Mutilation. The goal? An informative session – to foster informed discussions, raise awareness, and empower individuals to take action against these deeply entrenched issues.

Understanding Gender-Based Violence

The session kicked off with passionate speakers emphasizing the power of dialogue. Conversations matter—they break down barriers, dispel myths, and pave the way for change. The students leaned in and were eager to learn and contribute.

The first topic on the agenda was GBV. Facilitators highlighted its various forms—physical, emotional, and sexual—and underscored the need to recognize and address it. Students listened intently, realizing that GBV isn’t limited to physical harm; it permeates every aspect of a person’s life.

A facilitator putting points across during the informative session

Female Genital Mutilation: A Silent Suffering

Next came the heart-wrenching discussion on FGM. The room fell silent as survivors shared their stories. Many women carry the burden of stigmatization due to this harmful practice. But on that day, they found solace in each other’s company. We vowed to end this suffering—to protect the rights and health of our sisters, daughters, and friends.

Menstrual Health: Breaking Taboos

The session wasn’t complete without addressing menstrual health. Taboos surrounding menstruation persist, but we shattered them that day. We discussed hygiene, access to sanitary products, and the importance of open dialogue. No more whispers—only informed conversations.

We concluded the session with renewed determination and echoed commitment. We left the assembly area, hearts full, ready to be advocates for change.

Planting Trees: Nurturing a Movement

The metaphorical tree planting took center stage. We realized that our efforts weren’t just about saplings; they were about nurturing a movement. A movement that advocates for climate-smart choices, yes, but also one that fights for women’s rights. Like roots intertwining, we pledged to grow stronger together.

The tree planting was led by students of Kwosir who are SAIDA Safe Club members. Their tireless work made the event possible. SAIDA International e.V. our steadfast partner, deserves our heartfelt gratitude. Their support amplifies our mission—to build safer futures, one conversation at a time.

Tree planting session at Kwosir SS

In the quiet of the evening, the Kwosir Seed SS campus seemed different. It wasn’t just a school; it was a sanctuary of hope. We had planted seeds of awareness, and they would grow into mighty oaks. Together, we’d continue nurturing this movement—one that stands against violence, stigma, and ignorance. Our voices united, our purpose clear: Empowerment begins with dialogue, and change begins with us.